Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How We Like To See Newburgh (From Beacon)

A beautiful sunset this afternoon as viewed from Long Dock Park in Beacon. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Few More Pictures From Beacon

The always friendly dogs at Mountain Tops in Beacon are resting.

Jennifer and the proprietor at Mountain Tops

Beef taco at Tito Santana's Taqueria

Bottle cap collection at Tito Santana's Taqueria

Bauhaus Dollhouse, Global Home NY in Beacon.

While waiting for the cashier to wrap her purchase at Global Home NY , Jennifer peruses a  book of boring postcards. 

No, really. A book of boring post cards at Global Home.

Some mean looking dudes in the window at Dream In Plastic

Do you remember real, paper books? This is a great place to get them for a STEAL. Beacon Reads is a volunteer-run used book store that benefits our library. 

Out And About In Beacon, NY

We decided to get off our asses and stop playing MW3 & COD Black Ops and walk around town. It's been unseasonably warm and snowless so far this winter, which is good and bad for business. Nonetheless we got to see some nice new stores that are opening soon, some that just opened recently, and others still that have been here for years and we visit often. We also took in some interesting sights along the way. I hope it makes you want to visit our little town.

A figurehead adorns the turret of a home in beacon.

Twin silos adorned with a campaign sign for our new mayor, Randy Casale.  I found the  matrix of wires  intriguing.

I tried to catch two birds on the branches but you can only see them diving away in the lower right. 

Graffiti on an older building near the Fishkill. 

Some odd characters peer from within a storefront. 

Detail of a panel at the Electric Windows display.

Detail of a panel at the Electric Windows display.

Detail of a panel at the Electric Windows display.

The Electric Windows installation, East Main street, Beacon.

Detail door at the Electric Windows display.

Detail of a panel at the Electric Windows display.

The Fiskill steps a little closer to the Hudson near the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls.

Closeup of the waterfall. It looks so much cleaner in the cold weather. 

Work being done at the Beacon Roundhouse.

Detail of sluice gate at the falls.

Graffiti on sluice gate at the falls. 

Looking from the falls to the Roundhouse.

Looking from the sluice gate at the falls toward East Main street. Jennifer is shooting me with her iPhone.

The brother of a friend of mine opened a coffee roasting shop here in Beacon. 

Beacon Art Emporium, handmade goods and supplies for artists.

Gourmetibles, a yummy candy shop.

Gourmetibles, a yummy candy shop

Inside Gourmetibles, a yummy candy shop

Inside Gourmetibles, a yummy candy shop

Artist workspace/lofts for sale in Beacon now. 

Other real estate available. 

Doorway to alley, East Main Street.

Beacon Falls Cafe, a yummy stop for breakfast or lunch.  

A new restaurant/deli in town. We have not tried it yet but we will. 

We're getting a microbrewery soon. Too bad  I don't drink anymore!

Beacon Bath and Bubble - handmade soaps and the like. 

Cool bumper sticker near the former Piggy Bank restaurant. 

Looks like the Piggy Bank restaurant will soon be something else. 

The Beacon Theatre is still under transformation but already hosting  events. 

Interesting creations inside a local gallery.

A new bakery, Ella's Bellas.

An old professional building has recently been remodeled and is looking for renters. 

The front door of the Beacon Community Islamic Center. 

Another local bakery, All You Knead. Their bread can be found on store shelves and at Farmer's Markets throughout the area.

Local and international liquors at the Artisan Wine Shop.

The Beacon Cycles shop sports a restored bicycle in the window.

Hudson Beach Glass, where we have dumped a lot of money. 

Lunch at Tito Santana's
Jennifer enjoys some time off of her feet.