Friday, July 20, 2012

DeWit Garden tools

Years ago when I bought my first house my grandmother visited and helped weed out an old bed. She had a hand tool that she called a 'slicer' - it was a long handled thing with a blade that went to left like a small scythe. She pulled it toward herself through the soil and down came weeds. I wanted one, but hers was hand made a long time ago.

Walking through the garden center at Adams the other day I came across nearly the same exact tool, but made a little better. It's called the DeWit Cape Cod Weeder (the one shown at this link is a left-handed version, there is a right-hand one available, too). They had a whole range of tools including this cultivator, so we got one of each.

The tools are hand-forged in the Netherlands and they have a solid wood handle that seems like oak. 

I'd love to get more. They are expensive, but they seem worth it.

There is a video here demonstrating many of the tools they make and sell.