Sunday, June 3, 2012

Madame Brett Park, Beacon, NY

Finn and I took a walk around Madame Brett Park in Beacon. We had some rain a few days ago so the falls were percolating well.

The Lord Of the Flies.

Still water upstream.

Sluice gate control at the falls.

Near the old hat factory. Beacon was once second only to Danbury, CT in hat production. I have lived in both towns.

A door was open near the location of the previous photo.

Kayaker comes up stream from near Denning's point.

Some guys fishing off the walkway. Just as a PSA, always remember to ask permission when you don't know the subjects in your shot. Most people will politely agree to being photographed, but it is better to find this out before taking the shot. If you're not a journalist, people get suspicious or just plain annoyed. These guys were happy to oblige when I asked. I did not ask the kayaker, alas. He was too far away.

A storm started coming in. This is looking west-souithwest, down the Fishkill. You can see the hills of New Windsor, NY -which is across the Hudson - in the background.

Shot these on the way back to the car.