Friday, November 18, 2011

Pictures From the Revolution #N17

When Cara said she'd be going to the #N17 event, I was thrilled. There's something in my family about causing trouble and being part of the protest - from tearing down papal bulls to kicking the Redcoats out of New England - and Cara continues the tradition. Hell, even if it was just a long walk with a lot of people, it was FUN for her.

Mom was not as thrilled so I told Cara that if she gets arrested she should call me. Thankfully, that did not happen. 

I was out with some  friends from work last night when she started sending pictures. She said at one point that they were about to go on the Brooklyn Bridge so I warned her that the police arrested people en masse the last time that happened. She assured me she was with a large group from her school and that they were all sticking close to legal observers who wear green hats to be easily identified in case of trouble. 

These are the few, confusing pictures she sent, and one video. Just to show you she was there. 

Hope your feet are OK this morning, Cara. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka)

In Wappinger Falls there is a bright pink store at the corner of Routes 9D and New Hamburg road whose sign merely says, "Nesting Dolls". Nothing could be more descriptive. The store is full of matryoshka, the Russian stacking or nesting dolls. One might think this could get a little repetitive but the variety of the different designs available there proves otherwise.

The range goes from traditional to modern motifs. Aside from these ones of musicians, they also had some of political figures, movie stars and football players. Name your NFL team, they probably had a few of that team's most famous players nesting together.

There were these of cats, birds, and other animals as well.

Motifs from different cultures

The owners, Halina and Frank, are very friendly and always strike up a conversation. They are world travellers with many stories to share.
Open every weekend!